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05 Aug

Had a great Summer so far, playing in Brecon Cathedral (videos up soon), doing plenty of playing and learning at the first Cardiff Guitar Festival last weekend with special guest Craig Ogden, and now there’ll be private parties and weddings so the next few weeks whilst there’s still sun!

23 Apr

Been a while since I’ve uploaded any updates but as you can see there’s plenty of new Spanish videos, I’ve been busy with weddings and private parties, and glad to say I’ll be even busier in the future as I’m branching out to different genres and styles with another Classical guitarist, so watch this space for more solo and duet videos! Also I’ll be at the amazing Face 11 today playing at their regular A+R night, looking forward to it!

09 Sep

Just as every guitar needs a polish and a new set of strings once in a while, this website is currently being revamped. As you may have noticed some of the site’s pages such as videos, pictures and the calendar are blank at the moment, this is because some more tech savvy people than myself are hard at work and to (hopefully very soon) bring them back with better functionality (in the meantime, click here for videos). Anyway, it’s been a very busy and wonderful few months of weddings, private parties, a Summer stint at La Bodega and I’m looking forward to returning to Cardiff Library with an exclusively Spanish set for their European Day of Languages. Thank you for your patience, and keep an eye on this space!

20 Feb

Things been going very well since the last update, doing a Classical set at the Wales Millennium Centre (26thMarch), had some great fun playing at Gwdihw, The Vulcan, The Moon Club and the new residency at Miss Jones Whitchurch has been off to a great start with some fantastic audiences and Tapas and Prosecco all round.


I was recently asked to appear on Jamie Owen’s morning show on Radio Wales, and performed Zombie Pirates and Gwenllian along with a brief interview. Here’s the first part, with Zombie Pirates followed by a chat with Jamie about the album and musical inspirations (i.e. hours and hours of watching youtube).

Spanish medley is indeed what it says on the tin, a medley of some of my favourite Spanish tunes to play. When I started learning the guitar I was very typical of pretty much what every boy my age did, started with power chords, playing green day and blink 182 etc, before moving on to blues and then being devoted to learning every note of every Led Zeppelin song. Until one day, I saw El Mariachi, and discovered my new musical obsession.

Kevin’s Room, following on from the self explanatory song naming habit of Spanish Medley ( I swear I have more imagination than my songs titles would imply) was just something I started playing about with in the front room of the album’s producer, Kevin, whilst he was fiddling with the settings on the computer (an important task that goes over my head and takes up about 80% of all recording sessions). Thinking that we’d stumbled upon something worth looking into, we quickly got to recording the improvised tune before I could forget it.

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    1. Dewi, you played beautifully at our wedding on Saturday and we wanted to thank you and will recommend you to anyone and everyone. We thought the mix of Spanish music, and your original take on classical and modern music was so fitting for the event and loved every minute. Thank you.

    2. Hey Dewi, caught you at the Old Library last night and bought a CD. It was a superb evening – a privilege to hear you explore the guitar. I’ll keep in touch and hope to see you at a gig in Chelsea soon. All the best

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